Boeing Tests Chinook Block II with New Blades

Boeing Tests Chinook Block II with New Blades

U.S. aerospace titan Boeing conducted the flight test of its Chinook Block II helicopter with the new Advanced Chinook Rotor Blades (ACRB).

Engineered by Boeing and the U.S. Army, the ACRB is a brand new fully composite blade with a swept-tip design. Flying the ACRB is a significant breakthrough on the road to Chinook Block II, a series of upgrades targeted on increasing shipments, offering commonality across the line, and making a foundation for affordable future upgrades.

Boeing’s H-47 Chinook Block II is powered by high-end applied sciences to lift extra throughout the envelope – particularly in high, scorching operating conditions – all of which allow soldiers to satisfy tomorrow’s heavy-lift mission necessities.

Not only does Block II improve zeal for the U.S. Army and Special Operations warfighters, it additionally limits future sustainment costs. It ensures that the Chinook line will probably be available to serve for many years to come.

This system further helps an essential industrial base, permitting crucial suppliers within the aerospace industry to stay productive while safeguarding American jobs.

With over 950 Chinooks in 20 nations, this system continues to ship unrivaled manufacturing, maintenance, and sustainment cost efficiencies.

The first delivery is predicted in 2023. Ultimately, the U.S. Military will upgrade over 500 Chinooks to the new configuration.