TSB Sacks Staff Over Migration of Customer Compensation System

TSB Sacks Staff Over Migration of Customer Compensation System

TSB workers whose own bank accounts have been affected by an IT meltdown have been fired for allegedly gaming the compensation system set up to assist customers affected by the debacle.

Compensation claims lodged by numerous TSB workers after the IT collapse in April 2018 were re-assessed this year by TSB for indicators that they may have used inside info to get the largest possible payout.

About 40-50 workers have been initially recognized by the bank over their claims earlier this year, in response to sources with knowledge of the matter. Further investigation led to formal internal proceedings towards eight staff members during the summer, five of whom had been eventually sacked.

TSB accidentally locked up to 1.9 million customers out of their accounts during the IT fiasco, which occurred when it tried to migrate prospects from TSB’s former owner.

No legal proceedings had been launched as a result of the alleged wrongdoing.

Letters sent during the formal investigation of the eight staff accused them of having “didn’t act with integrity” by logging false or exaggerated claims.

It claimed the employees in question ended up obtaining compensation money that was meant for purchasers who had been “genuinely impacted by migration problems”.

TSB has been working hard to revive its fame and avoid any additional missteps after the botched migration of customer accounts.